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flat hunter in paris

Flat hunter for demanding individuals and investors

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Our commitments
Zero Stress: we support you throughout the search until signing
and even the rental
searching for a flat in paris


An exhaustive search based on your criteria and your budget

searching for a flat in paris

Time saving

Especially if you are not in

Paris or if you are a first-time investor

searching for a flat in paris


We and our partners take care of everything from research to rental

searching for a flat in paris

Sustainable profitability

We seize opportunities and trade based on the real market values

Nos engagements
Our values


Your expectations are

our compass

We define your key criteria together and check that they correspond to the reality of the market.

But we also offer you interesting opportunities


We are at your disposal to meet your demand and agenda

We exchange as often as necessary with you about our research

We adapt to your availability for visits, depending on vendor availability


Good deals

go quickly

We quickly identify and visit the properties that we think suit you.

If necessary we organize a first visit with you so as not to miss anything


No wolf

Sustainable profitability

Real estate professionals,

we check that the property and the building are sound.

We base our profitability calculations on realistic rent and actual costs observed

Nos valeurs
Notre mission
Our mission
Find, in a limited time, 4 to 6 weeks, a property that matches to your desires and your budget and guarantees you a stable income and a capital gain in the medium term


Paris and the Paris region, favoring areas with high rental profitability


Flats, studios, shared flats, old, new or off-plan, investment or prestige property


Targeted research on your investment capacity. Profitability based on the rents observed in the area

Our expertise
Zero Stress: we support you throughout the search until signing
and even the rental

Search for

your property

At least 3 properties


On your criteria in 4 to 6 weeks.

Thanks to our search engines, we screen 100% of the market from individuals, agencies and promoters.

Our partnerships allow us to have access to offers before they go to market.

We negotiate for you based on our market knowledge


from A to Z

All the information to make your own decision

We analyze the reports of the last 3 General assemblies and the diagnosis.

We can put you in contact with a notary, a surveyor, a broker, a contractor, a decorating architect.

We establish for you a provisional P&L over

3 years on the basis of a realistic rent and actual charges.

First setting


We can find your

first tenant

We can find and select a tenant for you: visit, contract signature, inventory.

We take all guarantees so that the tenant is a good payer.

We put you in touch with our partner for the long-term management of your tenants.

Pourquoi nous
Why us?
After 20 years of real estate investment in Paris, and the Paris region,
we are putting our experience to the benefit of new and demanding investors.
Isabelle Mayneris flat hunter in paris

“My personal history with real estate begins in 2000.

I start by buying a small studio and renting it out. Today I own 15!

90% financed by the loan and rented as furnished apartments, I amortize the costs which remains the best tax optimization solution.

My friends are seduced but due to lack of time, fear of making mistakes when buying or renting, they do not take action.

Today I put my experience to your benefit, the constitution of a capital with little risk and a history of reliable tenants. "

You will save precious time  and you will sleep peacefully while your rents finance your acquisition.

Our hunts
They trusted us ... and they don't regret it
Our goal is to make our customers happy and to reassure them in the long term.
 We would always prefer to miss out a "good deal" or an "ideal" tenant if we think that the property does not fit you or that a good record hides unpleasant surprises!

5 *****

Isabelle was efficient and very attentive - I found the perfect place in just two months (and I am super demanding)! Thanks!

Isabelle Mayneris flat hunter in paris


5 *****

Isabelle gave me confidence: a first real estate investment at 40 and a tenant who repays my loan.

100% successful!

Isabelle Mayneris flat hunter in paris


Nos recherches
Contact & Tarifs
Contact & rates
16 rue Bleue
75009 Paris
Téléphone: +33 6 33 56 06 14


Our rates are decreasing with the value and competitive with the market.
Our prices are decreasing, by tranche: the total commission is the addition of the commissions by tranche.
No advance, we only receive our commission upon signing, i.e. 4 to 5 months after the start of the research.
< 300 000 €
Flat rate
€ 7,500 excl.vat
300 000 € à 500 000€
3% vat
500 000 € à
1 000 000€
2% vat
1 000 000 € à 1 500 000€
1,5% vat
1 500 000 € à 2 000 000€
1% vat
Incl. Vat 20%

Carte professionnelle n° : CPI 7501 2021 000 000 122 Délivrée par : CCI de Paris Île-de-France 

Garantie, pour un montant de 120 000 € au titre de transaction sur immeubles et fonds de commerce sans détention de fonds, par Galian, dont le siège est 89, rue la Boétie 75008 Paris, sous le n° B 11057159

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